FML is proud to count itself among Alberta’s few Phil Ackland Certified® kitchen exhaust cleaning companies. This means we travelled all the way to Texas to learn from the industry’s best! Phil Ackland is the only kitchen exhaust training program recognized by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Those of our kitchen exhaust technicians who have not yet been certified by Phil Ackland are enrolled in Phil Ackland’s apprenticeship program, and are paired with a certified technician until they’ve put in 500 training hours. As such, you can rest assured that FML will inspect, clean, and maintain your kitchen exhaust system to the highest standard.

FML's service delivery doesn’t end once your system has been cleaned; we have implemented various quality control measures including bare metal service and after-service follow-up reporting to ensure that our customers receive the best service and workmanship possible.



FML's kitchen exhaust technicians often note that system accessibility is limited due to the absence of access panels.

Access panels are extremely important, as they allow technicians to clean each duct thoroughly. Proper cleaning and maintenance reduces the risk of grease fires, while improving the flavour of food cooked in your commercial kitchen.

During their preliminary inspection of your system, FML's technicians will let you know if accessibility is limited, and will recommend the installation of access panel/s as necessary. 



Hinge kits are an excellent way to prolong the life of your upblast fan. Rather than lifting the fan off its base and setting it on the roof’s surface, hinge kits allow your upblast fan to be tilted out of the way during routine maintenance and cleaning.

Investing in a hinge kit will save your fan from being dented or otherwise damaged, while providing support to failure-prone areas of the fan’s base.

Hinge kits also alleviate strain on your fan’s wiring, which may otherwise be stretched as the fan is removed from its base and set aside.

FML specializes in custom fabrication, and will be pleased to recommend, design, and install the hinge kit/s best suited to your system.